My experience

“There’s no accountability to transitional housing providers for youth in particular. And when our young people go into these places, they're very disgusting. They're very low level, they're going back into places that are not safe for them. They're going back into places where there are a calibre of people with high needs, high complex needs, who are also at risk, adults and older. When we went to go and look at this place to go and see what kind of place MSD were putting her into when they first arrived, there was an old man there who looked at her and was asking her questions and followed her around, making her feel so unsafe. He even came into her room. The people allowed him to follow her through the complex and then to see where her room was.”

“So accountability to youth for emergency accommodation or transitional housing providers who are providing for youth in particular, that there is some type of criteria that they must meet before they can just put any of our young people into those places. Because they're paying at very high rates, millions of dollars that these providers are getting. But the standard of living that they're putting these young people into is more harmful and it adds to their trauma and their negative experience. “

*Frank's name has been changed in this experience to protect their identity.