My experience

"The cost in particular is so inhibitive it restricts you into the future into a cycle of renting. Costs for up and vastly outstrip pay increases.
[I've] had both good and bad property managers. Currently have a property manager who values us as tenants and supports us into we options. Others have exploited sand sought very personal information in order to assess our suitability.

The tenancy tribunal is daunting and often not worth it for minor issues. The risk of being blacklisted too makes you feel powerless.

We had to provide very personal and over the top information for our rental applications which are violations of our privacy but we had no choice because it's a competition with 20-30 other potential tenants. Desperate to have a roof over our and our children's heads we provided things that the landlord or agent has no right to. Additionally needing to take time off work to view properties in order to apply for rentals is immensely difficult.

Housing is a right and tenants are not a commodity to be exploited. Profits for landlords who already have both wealth and housing security should not be the primary purpose of housing. Housing is a service."