My experience

“My partner and I are lucky that we can afford a fairly decent place to rent. We used to aspire to own our own home but realistically there's no way we'll ever get to that stage, especially since rent and other expenses keep going up and incomes stay the same. Lately we're more focused on and worried about continuing to be able to afford the same quality of life we have now (and not having to downgrade our housing because we can't afford a fairly decent home anymore).

The legislation is mostly there (although it could be better - insulation in the walls would be nice) but there's no real way to make sure it's enforced. It takes forever to get anything through the tenancy tribunal and then the tenant's name is attached to that case forever, and there's always the fear that future landlords won't want to rent to you because they'll think you're a difficult tenant.”


*Marty's name has been changed in this experience to protect their identity.