My experience

“Children living in cold, damp, unhealthy homes can not engage in their education on the same footing as children who don't. This entrenches disadvantage across generations.

As a solo mum with 4 kids, I lived in a rural property that repeatedly ran out of water. I'm a lawyer but it was incredibly stressful, and despite my relative privilege, I found the current ways to resolve problems with landlords were not effective.

It shouldn't be left to renters to navigate living in a decent home. Many are living in challenging circumstances already, and leaving it to them to obtain their rights adds another layer of stress onto an already stressful life.

If you want to ensure equal opportunity and equity, one of the fundamental building blocks is living in a decent home. People need access to housing that is healthy and secure. It's critical to ensuring we have a decent society. For those that choose to become a landlord, it should be on the basis they provide a healthy, decent home. Tenants can't choose to be a tenant or not, but becoming a landlord is a choice.”