My experience

"Two years I was in emergency accommodation

I experienced more in that time frame then I had done so in my whole life. I overcame situations other people will never have to face in there life.
I watched kids that weren't mine cause there was always either drama violence, drug dealings or some thing happening at the hotels. The owners didn't care, they cared about the money. Some made deals with other customers p I remember this time the owner asked a patch member to be security for a week cause he was going out of town, just weird stuff like that. Dodgy and weird.

Some facilities didn't even have ovens or chattels, wasn't compliant or livable.
Different hotels would treat you differently they stopped caring about the people and only cared for the money.

There's so many of us out there that have been let down due to emergency accommodation, many more personal stories and experiences. And people have become use to that way of living cause they have been made to feel like that's there only option.
It's mentally draining when you don't have stability

I was a single person but I met hundreds of whanau's, couples, people who had smaller rooms then me with 2 sometimes 3 kids, it wasn't ok. Even the cleaners at some hotels would just get upset because it was hard for them to see what was happening.

Baffles me they were happy to pay 4,500 dollars every 2 weeks but didn't want to put me in a home for rent at 350 a week. I found a house for myself but they declined it because the rent was too much.

People have cut corners. People have let things slide and no one wants to take accountability. Multiple privacy breaches, no human rights.
People getting taken advantage of people not knowing their rights and the support agency's that are supposed to help don't really. They just do there jobs for show.

But the government already knows the damage they have done and are causing."

*Tamara's name has been changed in this experience to protect their identity.