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Housing issues

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Conditions & protections for renters

The proportion of people renting in Aotearoa New Zealand is increasing. A third of New Zealanders now rent their homes. Renters have just as much of a human right to a decent home as those who own their homes. But as we measure progress on the right to a decent home, data show...

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Accountability & participation in the housing system

Accountability is a crucial feature of good governance, democracy, and human rights. Without accountability, these can easily become window-dressing. Weak accountability undermines housing laws, policies, strategies, plans, and initiatives. In December 2021, the Human Rights C...

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Cultural Adequacy

A decent home meets cultural needs.Housing has a very important cultural dimension. In Aotearoa New Zealand, which aspires to a dynamic inclusive multiculturalism grounded on Te Tiriti o Waitangi, housing and housing policies must guarantee the expression of cultural identity ...

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Emergency & transitional housing

Our emergency housing system should uplift the dignity and human rights of the people it seeks to help. In September 2022, the Human Rights Commission invited those living in emergency and transitional accommodation to share their experiences with us to inform our Housing Inqu...