My experience

"My child and grandchild have been living in emergency housing for coming up 3 years.


Initially they were moved around a couple of motels in one city, where there was drinking and fighting on-site, before relocating to a different city so the grandchild could visit their other parent. As there was no emergency housing in the city they were relocating to at that time they were put into a women’s refuge where they had to return to the home before 10pm and no visitors allowed. 


After 3 months they were moved to a motel which was filthy and had no cooking facilities in the room. There was a kitchen on site but meant taking our grandchild out in the cold to prepare meals. In July they were moved to the next room which fortunately had cooking facilities but the condition was absolutely disgusting. It had holes in the walls, vomit and food on the walls, mouldy curtains which affects our grandchilds asthma, and the door doesn’t lock properly and several times has had to be left unlocked, as well as a dangerous cracked power point. This has all been reported several times and to date nothing has been repaired.


My child is on the council housing list and emergency housing list. I have written to so many councillors, managers, ministers etc about the housing situation but there seems to be no compassion. My child has applied for several private rentals but unfortunately been unsuccessful even though they have a good record. I have personally contacted the real estate agents offering more bond and rent in advance to make it more attractive without success. My family and I reside in Australia and helping our child in NZ into a home of her own is not an option unfortunately.


Although my child is fortunate to have a roof over her head, the conditions they lived in for nearly 3 years has taken a huge toll on their mental health."


*Lara's name has been changed in this experience to protect their identity.