My experience

"Rangatahi first off face that high level of discrimination which from a human rights context as you know is a very heavy burden for a young person to go into ministries and government places where they are expected to go when they are facing these kind of issues In Aotearoa we don't have any youth housing information centres, so there's nowhere that people can actually physically go and get information”

“If you're a teenager, having that experience of even, one night of homelessness or, many, many nights of rough sleeping and things like that just changes the whole trajectory of your life and your outcomes and your well-being. And it's a very different experience to being an adult in that space.”

“our rangatahi often talk about in a motel space, they'd rather be on the streets or in a car, than be in emergency housing. Because if you're young, you're the most vulnerable person in that space.”

*Mary's name has been changed in this experience to protect their identity.